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"To uphold the values and governance that make CO a place of liberty, independence, and accountability by promoting CO culture through the voices of the people."

- True Colorado Mission Statement
True Colorado Interview with Jon Caldara  One half of True Colorado talks with Jon Caldara about our mission.
True Colorado Teaser  Introducing True Colorado.

True Colorado was started in early 2019 by a group of Colorado natives, some of whom spent time working in DC and became disturbed by its culture and values that seem to be spreading into our state.

Members of True Colorado understand the power of new media. True Colorado will focus on the production of media to educate the citizens of the state about current affairs and the effects of current legislation.


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Jun 09, 2020
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Feb 25, 2020
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Dec 16, 2019
Article originally published by Seamas Mulvihill for True Colorado...