About Us

"To uphold the values and governance that make CO a place of liberty, independence, and accountability by promoting CO culture through the voices of the people."

- True Colorado Mission Statement

About True Colorado

True Colorado was started in early 2019 by a group of Colorado natives, some of whom spent time working in DC and became disturbed by its culture and values that seem to be spreading into our state.

They initially became concerned with the city’s homeless population and influence by
out of state forces into Colorado politics. When Initiative 300 was introduced, True
Colorado began open source and field research with various experts to figure out what
the implications of this legislation would be and who was behind it. After weeks of
research, it was clear that this piece of legislation was being pushed by out of state
groups on a nationwide agenda, and that these policies were very dangerous for the city
of Denver and the homeless population. 


From there True Colorado began to make documentary style videos to inform voters
of Denver the dangers of this legislation. The influence of our educational coverage had
a direct impact on voters, and Initiative 300 was defeated by a large margin. After the
success of Initiative 300 being defeated, the people of True Colorado began to feel that
they should take this venture on full time to defend the state and its values after major
population growth and outside political manipulation. 


True Colorado has a team with a vast number of valuable skillsets. From members with experience in military leadership, government research and corporate research, to members with experience in advanced media operations in the District of Columbia and expertise navigating the corporate media realm. All of the people involved in True Colorado share the desire to protect the values of our state such as: constitutional rights, protection of the environment and the Colorado energy sector, our military and first responders, a strong Colorado economy supporting small government and low taxes/regulations, and overall support of a vibrant and historical Colorado culture that makes our state the best in the nation.


Members of True Colorado understand the power of new media. True Colorado will focus on the production of media to educate the citizens of the state about current affairs and the effects of current legislation.



The people of Colorado are afforded personal and economic freedoms not found in other states.


The people of Colorado are able to create their own opportunities without hindrancefrom the government.


The people of Colorado are self-reliant and responsible citizensheld accountable for their actions.