Response to New Proposed Law in Aurora

By Seamas Mulvihill - March 19, 2020

           Political agents in Aurora have recently been working on a law to control the marketing of children's menus in order to promote healthy eating choices. The newly proposed law has good intentions and is waiting for a final vote, but it also brings some serious problems with its language and attitude. Creating a program that aids the health of children and what they eat doesn’t sound like a bad thing to most citizens in Colorado. After all, we are one of the most healthy and fit states in the country and should care about the health and fitness of future generations. However, this new law in Aurora will not affect change in the diets of children in an effective manner. All it does is set an insulting tone in the relationship between citizens and politicians. 

            The new proposed law does not allow restaurants in Aurora to advertise certain items on the menu that are deemed unhealthy for children such as soda. It is written in a manner that says the state knows better than parents and needs to take power on an issue as small as soda. By passing this law, politicians are creating a tone that could be understood as seeing citizens as incomptent and unable to make smart and healthy decisions without force from the government. Furthermore, if a parent isn’t controlling their child’s diet and is perpetually feeding them junk food, this law will not stop them from buying junk for their child. 

            Colorado has been a freedom-loving state since its inception. This kind of attitude from politicians is something out of New York, DC or LA. If we allow a culture in politics that looks at its citizens as incompetent we can surely expect serious laws to pass that effect more vital forms of freedom. This attitude of government knowing best has been seen with Colorado politicians passing laws that undermine voices and rights of the people without their consent. From Hickenlooper creating new taxes without a vote and calling them “hidden fees,” to Governor Jared Polis signing away Colorado’s Electoral College votes and taking its voice away, Colorado has a serious problem with the attitude of its politicians.

            With great freedom comes great responsibility. As proud Colorado citizens we need to encourage a culture of morality and responsibility. This includes using our freedom and the private space to encourage parents to create healthy habits for their kids. If we don’t work to create a healthy culture, we can expect bureaucrats to step in on private affairs. Although kids menus may seem like a trivial issue, we need to be on guard from the attitude of big government solutions hurting our culture of freedom. Ultimately it is up to True Colorado citizens to defend our culture and values in this arena.

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