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Examining Attacks on Colorado Culture

By Seamas Mulvihill - December 6, 2019

   Colorado and Virginia are both states with profound constitutional and cultural tradition that have become policy labs for untraditional, unconstitutional and out of state influence. Both states have seen massive demographic shifts and population growth as well as outside political agents, organizations and money influencing the states’ politics. 
   Both states have been almost completely taken over politically extreme, anti-constitutional and non-traditional elements that attempt to destroy the states culture in the last election cycle. However, Virginia politicians are attempting some of the most aggressive gun legislation the country has ever seen in an attempt to see if it will be accepted to be implemented in other states. The law would ban the majority of semi-automatic weapons, and force people to turn them in through confiscation and other means. The law was broken down in a recent NRA article that demonstrated how even certain bolt action rifles and all pump action shotguns with certain grips would be banned. Much like the recent laws in Colorado, Michael Bloomberg and many out-of-state anti-gun groups are behind them. The question is: if these laws are accepted by the public, is it just a matter of time until they are passed in Colorado?
   Colorado has seen attacks on its state’s constitution such as the Tax Payers Bill of Rights (TABOR), the 2ndamendment, freedom of religion and freedom of speech all from outside actors. This was demonstrated in the Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer book “The Blueprint”, which documented how an ultra-wealthy group, including Governor Jared Polis, worked with out of state political groups to build a large progressive infrastructure in Colorado over a decade. 
   Michael Bloomberg and networks in DC allegedly offered large sums of money and political favors to pass unpopular gun legislation. This was seen in letters discovered between Hickenlooper and Bloomberg about actions being taken on gun control measures in the state. 
There were also call records discovered between Hickenlooper and Bloomberg during the anti-gun legislation sessions in 2013 in Colorado. This combined with Bloomberg’s on the ground anti-gun activism during that period, as seen this month in Aurora, Colorado, don’t paint a great picture. 
The passing of the 2013 anti-gun legislation resulted in a successful recall election against some of the politicians involved. These laws outlawing popular magazines and requiring background checks for family members transferring guns to each other don’t seem to logically go along with the Colorado Constitution’s view on guns, which was one of the first states to allow non-citizens and Native Americans to bear arms. 
   The list goes on with a Spring 2019 ballot initiative called the “Right to Survive”, or Initiative 300. True Colorado reporters interviewed top homelessness rehabilitation groups at Step Denver and the Denver Rescue Mission, who stated that the policy would be a disaster for the street drug epidemic in Denver, street sanitation, crime and for many homeless struggling with drug addiction and mental illness. The foolish legislation has been a disaster in places like Seattle, LA and San Francisco. In Colorado, the Initiative was mainly funded and organized by radical groups from California who, like many others, have the audacity to undermine our states sovereignty and culture. 
   The full out assault on TABOR with this year’s Proposition CC was given over a million dollars from out of state political originations and nonprofits. The political class in DC and other states see TABOR as a threatening concept that could spread to other states, and it must be shut down. Politicians in Colorado have been going around TABOR in an arguably illegal manner by placing hidden fees to collect more taxpayer dollars instead of refunding the excess money back to the taxpayers—which TABOR outlines clearly.
   Attacks on religious freedom and free speech were most recently seen when a Christian baker in Lakewood was asked to go against the rules of his religion and morals by baking a cake for a homosexual wedding. The courts originally sided with the gay couple and hindered the man and his wife’s business and reputation for a long time. 
More people than ever are moving to the state with anti-traditional Colorado views, and they are bringing their culture and politics with them. Why would you move to a state and bring everything you fled with you? With a Governor in office from the radical ultra-wealthy group who’s intention is to permanently change our culture, we could be in trouble. Michael Bloomberg along with various political non-profits, organizations and funding will continue to have a massive influence on our state. All of this goes against the people’s will, the states constitution and our tradition as Coloradans. The nature of outside influence in our state goes against who we are as True Coloradans and what our state constitution established. Without respect for our sovereignty, constitution and culture, we will without a doubt lose who we are as a state in the current climate.

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