True Colorado Response to COVID-19

By Seamas Mulvihill - March 30, 2020

     As Coloradans are now aware, COVID-19 will have vital impacts on our economy, societal structure, and medical safety. Most experts are unsure of what the casualties and long term damage to our country and global economy will look like. Generally these types of pandemics will hit in seasonal waves, so we could be in for a long period of time with life being altered like it never has before for most Americans. 

     In times like these, the spirit of True Colorado needs to prevail. There needs to be a movement with personal responsibility, concern for others, and support to our first responders and medical personnel with civility towards our neighbors. 

     People need to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their community. This means using appropriate hygiene, physical distancing, not going near people with profiles for higher mortality rates, and preparing for the worst in regards to saving money and supplies. This is no time to be socializing and spreading the virus when so many people could die from it. Although gyms are off limits for the near future, activities such as walking the High Line Canal Trail, hiking around Red Rocks, and making use of several other parks that will still be open. Most states don’t have the luxury of having access to the amount of public outdoors amenities as we do during this national disaster. We must make use of the outdoors while respecting the guidelines given to slow the spread because we are at a time where personal responsibility is extremely important. 

     Although quarantine and physical distancing are the number one priority, healthy people with means need to step up and help people in need as much as they can. This can be done by linking up with local religious groups or charities when the time comes to deliver aid. Another great way to demonstrate kindness and support is to call someone that you think could be feeling lonely or scared. GroupMe, WhatsApp and similar messaging technology can be used to set up communication between community groups to talk about what needs and resources are needed for assistance in the community. 

     Another very important thing is for people to respect and support our first responders and medical personnel. These communities will be completely overwhelmed dealing with sickness related to the virus and providing security in a time that could be dangerous. This also means taking responsibility for things that aren't absolutely necessary for them to handle. 

     One of the most important things will be for people to respect their neighbors and their property. In past situations of disaster there has been a lot of chaos, looting and property damage. True Coloradans need to be prepared to protect themselves and their neighbors from people with bad intentions by keeping a watchful eye on their community, reporting suspicious activity and being prepared to handle any threats. 

     Ultimately we will get through this. Our culture will rally to handle this emergency and rebuild our state's economy when it's all over. It's up to the citizens to make sure everyone lives up to the state's values and culture to get through this the way True Coloradans have gotten through disasters in the past. 

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