True Colorado Response to the Death of George Floyd

Our stance on the senseless death of George Floyd and the protests in Colorado

By True Colorado - June 9, 2020

Dear Colorado, 

True Colorado has taken some time to reflect on what has happened in our state and nation over the past few weeks.

Outrage and a desire for change are the proper emotional responses to a violent murder by the hands of a police officer. The horrible, senseless and violent death of George Floyd brings many questions about what serious issues linger in our society. 

As an organization and community, we aggressively condemn police brutality, the abuse of government authority, and any notion of racism as they directly contradict our True Colorado values. We find these actions down right disgusting and confidently say they have no place in True Colorado culture. 

We stand behind all of the peaceful protesters and those opening healthy and critical dialogues about racism and police brutality in America. True Colorado culture has always pushed for our state to come together and solve these problems as a community in our own unique way. Everyone from community leaders to virtually the entire Denver Broncos team have played their part in bringing awareness to the issues we face in our country today. We strongly believe that everyone needs to be respectful in these hard conversations if we are to remain unified and grow as a community. That is the True Colorado way. 

At the same time, we take a strong stand against individuals or organized groups weaponizing violence and anarchy. The vast majority of protests have been peaceful and powerful, with a few instances of vandalism and destruction. This type of destructive behavior hurts the work of people fighting for change, and often masks solutions to combat the issues we are trying to change. True Colorado will always support peaceful protests.

We know that a unified Colorado can come together to tackle these issues in our community, and it will. 


True Colorado

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